Inspiring you to be your Best!


Our goal is to help you realize your dreams,

find fulfillment and achieve your goals and objectives.

We help foster relationships, connect you with people of

like-mind, and support your business needs.

Join us, you won't be disappointed. 

And we have been helping people since 2004.





In your circle of being allow only that which you want to

remain in your circle.


Bring a journal to your circle and first write down what you

want in your circle. Then identify that which don't

want in it. Be Conscious! 


Remove all those random thoughts, bad habits, old beliefs, people

actions, etc., that keep you from achieving

that which is for your highest good.


Listen to your Heart
By Marlene J. Waldock

“When you listen with your head,
you hear negative voices
and critics who shroud your dreams.

When you listen with your heart,
you hear the loving support from your highest power.

Be in your heart  and find yourself.”





“Lucky us for two years of being told how valuable,
 beautiful and bright we are. It inspires us to more greatness.”
 J.T. Kraft


Just two short years ago we began these breakfasts. Since that time,

nearly 200 participants have experienced the inspiration and empowerment

we offer. Highly interactive, our participants share their stories to inspire you.

Come with your goals, dreams, obstacles and inhibitions.

There is lots of inspiration in the room. We want to celebrate our anniversary,

all the possibilities and life with you.




“Thank you for putting on a wonderful presentation. It definitely gave me a new outlook on

how I am going to proceed with my life, career, and health. I look forward to the next one”


“You opened my ears and my heart.  Thank You. TP


“I want to let you and others know how much you have changed my life.

You have brought back to me, inspiration, self-confidence and positive thinking.

On behalf of all the women who come to your monthly workshops and delight in your

inspirational messages, THANK YOU.” R.R.


"I enjoy attending every month because I leave energized.  It's my gift to me.....for two hours I

can focus on fine-tuning my perspective and reviewing what I want to own and achieve! "  CM

"I can't begin to tell you how much these meetings mean to me. I
can foresee you doing this more often, but, with the same intimate groups. love it.

It is the  best church, therapy, and wellness rolled up in one. The women are so
bright and giving. It's good to be us. LUL J